In formal terms the AV Holding Company Ltd is a company of a general consultancy and trading activities.

As a company the AV Holding is capable of providing extensive generally comprehensive multi-tasking services in a number of key areas of its expertise:

From 26 years in the entire Ship Design & Construction Services, to other Shipping-related services such as the Trading, Chartering and Transportation Services, then separately to 38 years of expertise in the Regional Planning, Land and Buildings Development, Design, Construction as well as the Project Procurement Services for any type of the Mixed-use (Hotels, Offices, Business Centres, Retail Malls, Residential, Leisure, Marinas, Golf Courses, Institutional) or Individual-use Projects whether in UK, Central Europe, East Europe or Central and South Asia.

The AV Holding Company Ltd has been incorporated in 2013 importantly also as a new type solution-provider and crisis-management advisory executive team experienced in identifying then managing and solving different types of concealed yet true underlying problems which have been caused to and experienced by numerous already established international businesses as a consequence of the 10-years long in essence a World (Financial Re-Colonisation) War III created then fought through the frequently artificially introduced financial permutations between the re-grouped old financial and political Controllers of the World Economy and the new emerging Controllers-to-be from Eastern Europe and Asian Continent.

The secret of success aimed at by AV Holding Company Ltd lies in hardly rivalled clarity of analytical vision of the true underlying problems and needs which a number of major individual and/or corporate entities may have, also in providing the practical tailor-made solutions to those problems.

The crisis-management solutions by AV Holding are not restricted to dealing with just the inherent or concurrent immediate problems of any one specific entity.

The ‘Value Engineering’ available at AV Holding Company Ltd essentially lies in its ability to identify, extract, re-structure then elevate the intellectual and material assets of any one specific entity, and create the tailor-made procurement tools in order to protect Asset Placements, then Enhance and then Procure further the specific Business and previously non-liquid Financial Potential.


We welcome you on board of the proven design air-craft carrier of the Project Enhancement Solutions for current and new times,

Management Team - AV Holding Company Ltd.